"The Preeminence of Jesus"

V. The Prescriptions of Jesus (Romans - Jude)

     N. Jesus Is The Superior of All Things (Hebrews)
          1. Revelation - 1:1-2:18
               a. The Son Is Greater Than The Prophets - 1:1-3
                    1) God Spoke The Old Testament Thru His Servants - 1:1
                         a) The Great Being by Which It Came - 1:1a "God"
                         b) The Great Manner by Which It Came - 1:1b "various times"
                         c) The Great Manifestations by Which It Came - 1:1c "different ways"
                         d) The Great Privilege by Which It Came - 1:1d "spoke"
                         e) The Great Past In Which It Came - 1:1e "In times past"
                         f) The Great People to Which It Came - 1:1f "Fathers"
                         g) The Great Prophets by Which It Came - 1:1g "Prophets"
                    2) God Spoke The New Testament Thru His Son - 1:2a,3
                         a) Christianity Has The Greatest History - 1:2a "has...last days"
                         b) Christianity Has The Greatest ...

[the whole outline is 487 lines long]

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