"The Preeminence of Jesus"

I. The Predictions About Jesus (Genesis Thru Malachi)
     A. The Pentateuch: The Pillar For Jesus (Genesis - Deuteronomy)

          3. Jesus Is Our Sacrifice (Leviticus)
               a. The Way To God - 1:1-10:20
                    1) Commanded Display - 1:17:38
                         a) The Burnt Offerings - 1:1-17
                              (1) The Offering That Was Conveyed - 1:1,2
                                   (a) The Place From Which God Spoke - 1:1
                                   (b) The People To Which God Spoke - 1:2a
                                   (c) The Portions of Which God Spoke - 1:2b
                              (2) The Offering That Was Consumed - 1:3a
                              (3) The Offering That Was Contributed - 1:3b
                              (4) The Offering That Was C...

[the whole outline is 307 lines long]

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