"The Preeminence of Jesus"

I. The Predictions About Jesus (Genesis Thru Malachi)

     C. The Poets: The Passion of Jesus (Job - Song of Solomon)

          1. Jesus Is Our Song(Psalms)
               a. God's Happy People - Psalm 1
                    1) Happy People Are Deliberate People - 1:1
                         a) They Are Careful With Whom They Step - 1:1a
                         b) They Are Cautious With Whom They Stand - 1:1b
                         c) They Are Conscious With Whom They Sit - 1:1c
                    2) Happy People Are Dedicated People - 1:2,3
                         a) They Are Prepared - 1:2
                         b) They Are Planted - 1:3a
                         c) They Are Productive - 1:3b
                         d) They Are Patient - 1:3c
                         e) They Are Prosperous - 1:3d
                    3) Happy People Are Destined People - 1:4-6
                         a) They Are Practical - 1:4
                         b) They Are P. . .

[the whole outline is 5,843 lines long]

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