"The Preeminence of Jesus"

I. The Predictions About Jesus (Genesis Thru Malachi)

     B. The Past: The Preparation For Jesus (Joshua - Esther)

          ?. Jesus Is Our Successor (Ruth)
            a. Our Relationship Is In Christ - 1:1-22
                1) Our Renouncements - 1:1-5
                    a)  The Desperate Circumstances - 1:1
                        (1) A Missionary Famine In The Land - 1:1a
                        (2) A Material Famine In The Land - 1:1b
                        (3) A Moral Famine In The Land - 1:1c,d
                            (a) Chose To Leave The Promised Land - 1c "went to dwell"
                            (b) Chose To Live In A Polluted Land - 1d "Moab"
                    b) The Deadly Consequences - 1:3-5

[the full outline is 171 lines long]

Bible Sermon Outlines of Ruth
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